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Map of Technology Collaboration Programme on Advanced Fuel Cells

The map below illustrates the location of the Chair, Vice-Chairs, Annex Operating Agents, Members, Alternate Members, Institutions and Companies that contribute to the Technology Collaboration Programme on Advanced Fuel Cells, various Research Networks and Fuel Cell Companies from our member countries.

For all enquiries or amendments to details, please contact Michael Rex, ENERGY ENGINEERS GmbH,

The tabs below provide further details about the different organisations and research networks.

Company Name Area of expertise Application City Country
AVL Cell/stack/system Automotive powertrains, SOFC, mobile applications for PEFC Graz Austria
Fronius Stack/system Electrolysis, fork-lift, home energy system Pettenbach Austria
Magna Steyr Storage Automotive Vienna Austria
OMV Fuelling Hydrogen filling stations, operator Vienna Austria
Plansee Cell/stack Component manufacturer Reutte Austria
Schunk Bahn- und Industrietechnik GmbH Stacks/system Portable (PEFC) Heilbronn Austria
RAG Energy Storage GmbH Storage Storage/Power to gas Vienna Austria
Danish Power Systems Stack components All applications for high temperature PEFC Kvistgård Denmark
H2 Logic A/S Stack/system/refuelling Material handling vehicles (PEFC) and gaseous hydrogen filling tanks (35 - 70MPa) Herning Denmark
IRD A/S Stack/system Micro-CHP units, UPS, refuelling across PEFC and DMFC Svendborg Denmark
SerEnergy Components/stack/system Backup power, APU, auxiliary vehicles and automotive (PEFC) Aalborg Denmark
Dantherm Power System Micro-CHP and UPS (SOFC/PEFC) Hobro Denmark
Topsoe Fuel Cell Stack Micro-CHP and APU (SOFC) Lyngby Denmark System Alkaline Electrolysis Kolding Denmark
Haldor Topsoe A/S Components and stack SOEC - electrolysis Lyngby Denmark
Convion Oy System Stationary SOFC Espoo Finland
Elcogen Oy Single cells and stacks Stationary SOFC Vantaa Finland
Oy Woikoski Ab Hydrogen production and filling stations Hydrogen refuelling stations Voikoski Finland
T Control Oy Integrated modules Back-up power and UPS (PEFC hydrogen and methanol) Pori Finland
Fitelnet Oy Integrated modules Back-up power, military and UPS (PEFC and methanol) Vantaa Finland
Areva System Grid stabilisation/emergency back-up systems (PEFC) Paris France
Axane (Air Liquide subsidiary) System Clean and autonomous power supply for off-grid sites (PEFC) Sassenage France
PaxiTech Cell/stack/system Portable power (PEFC) Echirolles France
Pragma Industries Stack/storage Portable tools (PEFC) Biarritz France
HyPulsion (GV Axane/PlugPower) System Integrated Fuel cells systems for fork-lift trucks (PEFC) Sassenage France
SymbioFCell System Integrated fuel cells systems for Range Extenders (5kW) and Full Power heavy duty vehicles (20 - 300kW) (PEFC) Paris France
Ad-venta Components Storage, FC systems Bourg de Péage France
AJC HRS Transportation Annecy le Vieux France
Areva H2 Gen Production PEM Electrolyzer Les Ulis France
Atawey System Clean and autonomous power supply for off-grid sites and transporation Le Bourget du Lac France
CEA Component/stack/system R&D Grenoble France
CNRS Component/stack/system R&D Paris France
Hypulsion System Integrated Fuel cells systems for fork-lift trucks (PEFC) Sassenage France
Mahytec Storage Transportation stationary Dole France
McPhy Energy Production/Storage Electrolyzer, stationary storage La Motte Fanjas France
Raigi Storage Transportation Rouvray-Saint-Denis France
Stelia Composites Storage Transportation Salaunes France
WH2 System Clean and autonomous power supply from green H2 Lyon France
balticFuelCells GmbH Stack/system Stationary/transportation/portable (PEFC) Schwerin Germany
BASF SE Stack (MEA) PEFC Ludwigshafen Germany
BAXI INNOTECH GmbH System Stationary (PEFC) Hamburg Germany
Ceramic Fuel Cells GmbH Stack/System Stationary (SOFC) Heinsberg Germany
Daimler AG Stack/system (FCV) Transportation (PEFC) Stuttgart Germany
DBI Gas- und Umwelttechnik GmbH System Stationary Leipzig Germany
Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V. (DLR), ITT Stack/system Stationary/transportation (PEFC/SOFC) Stuttgart Germany
EBZ GmbH Fuel Cells & Process Technology System Stationary/transportation (SOFC) Dresden Germany
Eisenhuth GmbH & Co. KG Stack (BPP) Osterode am Harz Germany
Elcore GmbH System Stationary (PEFC) München Germany
EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG System (utility) Stationary Karlsruhe Germany
E.ON Ruhrgas AG System (utility) Stationary Düsseldorf Germany
EWE AG System (utility) Stationary Oldenburg Germany
eZelleron GmbH System Transportation/portable Dresden Germany
FCPower Fuel Cell Power Systems GmbH System Stationary (PEFC) Aachen Germany
Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH Stack/system Stationary/transportation/portable (SOFC/PEFC) Jülich Germany
Fraunhofer ICT - IMM System (fuel processor) Mainz Germany
Fraunhofer-Institut für Keramische Technologien und Systeme IKTS Stack/system Stationary/portable (SOFC/PEFC) Dresden Germany
Fraunhofer-Institut für Solare Energiesysteme ISE Stacks/system Transportation/portable (PEFC) Freiburg Germany
Fraunhofer-Institut für Chemische Technologie ICT Stacks/system Transportation/portable (AFC/PEFC) Pfinztal Germany
Freudenberg FCCT KG Stack (components) Weinheim Germany
FuMA-Tech GmbH Stack (membranes) Bietigheim-Bissingen Germany
FutureE Fuel Cell Solutions GmbH System Stationary power (PEFC) Wendlingen am Neckar Germany
FuelCell Energy Solutions GmbH Stack/system Stationary (MCFC) Dresden Germany
FuelCon AG System PEFC/SOFC Magdeburg-Barleben Germany
Heliocentris Academia GmbH System Stationary Berlin Germany
HIAT gGmbH, Hydrogen and Informatics Institute of Applied Technologies Stack (components) PEFC Schwerin Germany
Hüttenberger Produktionstechnik Martin GmbH Stack (components) Portable (PEFC) Langgöns Germany
New enerday GmbH System Stationary/Transportation/Portable (SOFC) Neubrandenburg Germany
NEXT ENERGY EWE-Forschungszentrum für Energietechnologie e.V. Stack/system Stationary/transportation (PEFC) Oldenburg Germany
Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH Stack/system Stationary/Transportation (PEFC) Puchheim Germany
Riesaer Brennstoffzellentechnik GmbH Stack/system Stationary (PEFC) Glaubitz Germany
SFC Energy AG Stacks/system Portable (PEFC) Brunnthal Germany
Sunfire GmbH Stacks/system Stationary (SOFC) Dresden Germany
Truma Gerätetechnik GmbH & Co. KG System Portable (PEFC) Putzbrunn Germany
Ulmer Brennstoffzellen Manufaktur GmbH Stacks/system Stationary/Transportation (PEFC) Ulm Germany
Vaillant Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG System Stationary (SOFC) Remscheid Germany
Viessmann Werke GmbH & Co. KG System Stationary (PEFC) Allendorf (Eder) Germany
VNG-Verbundnetz Gas AG System Stationary Leipzig Germany
WS Reformer GmbH System (fuel processor) Renningen Germany
Zentrum für Sonnenenergie- und Wasserstoff-Forschung Baden-Württemberg (ZSW) Stacks/system Stationary/Transportation/Portable (PEFC) Ulm Germany
ZBT GmbH Stacks/system Stationary/Transportation/Portable (PEFC) Duisburg Germany
3M Deutschland GmbH Stack (MEA, Catalysts) Neuss Germany
Ätztechnik Herz GmbH & Co. KG Stack (BPP) Epfendorf am Neckar Germany
Clariant Produkte (Deutschland GmbH) System (reformer catalysts) München Germany
ElringKlinger AG Stack Dettingen/Erms Germany
Gräbener Machinentechnik GmbH Stack Netphen Germany
HAW Hamburg System Stationary/transportation Hamburg Germany
Elbit Energy Military Stationary and Military Haifa Israel
Phinergy Al-Air Fuel Cell Automotive Fuel Cell Lod Israel
GenCell Stationary Fuel Cell and Hydogen Storage Stationary Fuel Cell Petah-Tikva Israel
Enstorage Large scale energy storage Regenerative large scale fuel cell Yavne Israel
Bromine Compounds Bromine compounds Regenerative large scale fuel cell Beer Sheba Israel
Electropower system Stack/system Back-up power, remote areas application, stand-alone systems (PEFC) Moncalieri Italy
Dolomitech System Transport application - hydrogen and fuel cell minibuses (PEFC) Villa-agnedo Italy
GENPORT System Portable (PEFC) Lomagna Italy
SOLIDpower Stack/System MicroCHP systems for small households Trento Italy
Aquafairy/Rohm System Portable (PEFC) Kyoto Japan
Iwatani System Portable (SOFC) Tokyo/Osaka Japan
Mitsubishi Gas Chemical System Portable (DMFC) Tokyo Japan
Fujikura System Portable, APU (DMFC) Tokyo Japan
IHI Aerospace System APU (PEFC) Tokyo Japan
Suzuki Motor System Transport (PEFC) Shizuoka Japan
Daihatsu Motor System Transport (AFC) Osaka Japan
Nissan Motor System Transport (PEFC) Kanagawa Japan
Honda Motor System Transport and stationary (PEFC/SOFC) Tokyo Japan
Toyota Motor System Transport (PEFC) Aichi Japan
Fuji Electronic System Stationary (PAFC) Kanagawa Japan
Toshiba Fuel Cell Power Systems System Stationary (PEFC) Tokyo Japan
Panasonic System Stationary (PEFC) Osaka Japan
Aisin Seiki System Stationary (SOFC) Aichi Japan
JX Nippon Oil System Stationary (SOFC) Tokyo Japan
Bloom Energy Japan System Stationary (SOFC) Tokyo Japan
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries System Stationary (SOFC) Tokyo Japan
Kyocera Stack Stationary (SOFC) Kyoto Japan
TOTO Stack Stationary (SOFC) Fukuoka Japan
NGK Spark Plug Stack Stationary (SOFC) Nagoya Japan
NGK Insulators Stack Stationary (SOFC) Nagoya Japan
Murata Manufacturing Stack Stationary (SOFC) Kyoto Japan
Sumitomo Precision Products Stack Stationary (SOFC) Hyogo Japan
Miura System Stationary (SOFC) Matsuyama Japan
POSCO Energy Stack/system Distributed Power/APU for Ship (MCFC) Seoul Korea
Doosan Heavy Industry Stack/system Distributed Power (MCFC) Gyeongnam Korea
Fuel Cell Power (part of Doosan) Stack/system Building Power (PEFC) Gyeonggi Korea
Hyundai Motors Stack/system FCV and bus (PEFC) Seoul Korea
Ballard (Production) System Backup for telecomm and other uses (PEFC and methanol reformer) Tijuana Mexico
PowerCell Stack/system Back-up power, powerpacks and APU for trucks (PEFC and diesel reformer) Göteborg Sweden
Cellkraft Stack Offgrid (PEFC) Stockholm Sweden
myFC Stack/system Portable chargers (PEFC) Stockholm Sweden
Impact Coatings Material PVD coatings for fuel cell bipolar plates Linköping Sweden
Catator Systems Small independent fuel cells system, ex instance unmanned aircrafts Lund Sweden
Sandvik MT AB Material Developer and manufacturer of metallic bipolar plates and interconnectors Sandvik Sweden
Höanäs AB Material Manufacturer of metallic powders. Developer of interconnector materials for SOFC. Höanäs Sweden
Swiss Hydrogen SA PEFC stack/system Mobility/stationary (UPS) Fribourg Switzerland
CEKAtec PEFC stack/system Portable Wattwil Switzerland
Michelin Conception PEFC stack/system Mobility Fribourg Switzerland
HTceramix SOFC Stationary (CHP) Yverdon Switzerland
Hexis SOFC Stationary (CHP) Winterthur Switzerland
TIMCAL Graphite & Carbon PEFC material Bodio Switzerland
Celeroton PEFC BoS Mobility Volketswil Switzerland
GM, in Pontiac System FC vehicles (PEFC) Detroit USA
UltraCell System Portable power (AFC) Livermore USA
ReliOn Inc System Back-up power (PEFC) Spokane USA
Doosan Fuel Cell America, Inc. System Stationary Power generation (PEFC) South Windsor USA
Bloom Energy System Stationary Power (SOFC) Sunnyvale USA
Plug Power System Materials handling (PEFC) Latham USA
FuelCell Energy System Large stationary power (MCFC) Danbury USA
Nuvera Stations and Fuel Cell stacks Material handling Billerica USA

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